5 Ways to Remove Leg Cellulite Fast

Notice the dimple-looking skin on the thigh or leg region?

That’s what they call cellulite.

Most women have this, and that’s normal.

However, if you want a cellulite-free skin, then there’s a solution for that.

But here’s the thing, getting rid of cellulite completely isn’t possible with just some creams or scrubs.

Why? Cellulite forms when the fat cells deep in your skin pushup against the connective tissue, resulting in a dimple or pucker-looking skin.

Thus, to permanently remove them, you need to get treated by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Treatments like laser therapy or subcision (which we will be touching on more later so keep watching) are your best option if you want the most satisfying and quickest results.

Learn more about them in this video.

1. Carboxy therapy
This medical procedure involves carbon dioxide inserted just beneath your skin.

Take note that CO2 or carbon dioxide is completely different from carbon monoxide, as the latter can be deadly.

You may need to get as many as 8 treatments with this method.

2. Ionithermie cellulite reduction treatments
This spa treatment uses algae or clay (or a mix of both) to slather on your skin.

Next, electrodes are attached to the area.

Then that area of your skin will be covered in plastic.

During the procedure, it’s normal to feel a mild electric current.

3. Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release
A device that contains small blades is used to cut the tough bands that make cellulite visible.

Once the bands are cut, the tissue moves upward to fill out, removing the dimpled skin.

According to a study, people who had this treatment had less cellulite for up to three years.

4. Laser and radiofrequency treatments
There are several laser treatments to treat cellulite.

This one uses a thin fiber to deliver laser heat under the skin.

As a result, it will destroy the fibrous bands that find fat.

The longevity of this specific laser treatment is usually 6 months to a year.

5. Acoustic wave therapy
This method uses gel to apply to the affected area then run over it using a small, hand-held device.

The device works to send sound waves into the body to break the cellulite.

Several sessions are likely needed to notice an improvement in the skin.

6. Cryolipolysis
Alternatively known as CoolSculpting, this cellulite treatment uses a device to reduce that fat below the skin.

The device applies vacuum suction to raise the tissue in contact with cooling plates.

Multiple treatments are needed for cryolipolysis.

Results gradually become evident over 2-3 months.

7. Subcision
Your doctor may give you an option to use blades, needles, or other unique tools to separate the tough bands to smoothen your skin.

And one method is fat grafting.

Subcision results for cellulite may last 2-3 years.

Non-medical methods: Exercise and Weight Loss
One of the ways to make your skin appear firmer and smoother is to pack more muscles.

Having muscles to replace fat can make your cellulite less noticeable.

Also, extra weight can enhance the appearance of cellulite.

For some (and maybe for you), losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight reduces the amount of cellulite they see.

Be careful, however, of developing loose skin when losing weight, as this can make your cellulite more noticeable.

What do you think?

Have you picked your preferred treatment?

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