7 Important Diabetes Symptoms you Should Look out For

High blood sugar can be very sneaky.

It can catch you off guard without any obvious symptoms.

When you have Type 2 diabetes, your blood sugar levels become too high.

That said, most people only found out about their high blood sugar when they’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

During the early stages, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes tend to be mild.

That’s why many people don’t realize it even though they might have had it for some time.

Some of the telltale signs of this condition include excessive thirst and blurry vision, which we will be talking more about next, so stick with us.

Detecting these symptoms early on is crucial, otherwise, it can lead to worse health problems in the long run.

In this video, we will be discussing the 7 important diabetes symptoms you shouldn’t overlook.

1.Incessant thirst
Lately, are you making more bathroom trips than normal, especially at night?

The urge to frequently urinate is due to your body’s need to remove the excess sugar from the blood, which in turn, results in losing additional water.

Over time, your body experiences dehydration, intensifying your thirst.

2.Constant hunger
Diabetic people often don’t get sufficient energy from the food they consume.

The food that goes into your body is broken down into glucose, which is then utilized as fuel.

Those with diabetes don’t have enough glucose to be transported into the body’s cells.

In the end, these people frequently feel hungry even after eating just recently.

There are tons of underlying causes of fatigue.

One of the common ones is diabetes and high sugar levels.

When you have this condition, it can affect your energy levels, causing you to feel fatigued and exhausted.

This tiredness is due to the insufficient sugar from your bloodstream to your body’s cells.

4.Skin discoloration

People with diabetes often experience skin discoloration in their neck folds and knuckles.

These skin patches may also appear on the creases of the armpits and groin.

This condition is called acanthosis nigricans and is typically caused by insulin resistance.

5.Blurry vision
Too much sugar in the blood can impair the tiny blood vessels in the eyes, resulting in blurry vision.

This can happen in one or both of your eyes and maybe on and off.

Changes in your eyeglass prescription can also be a sign of diabetes, so don’t be too complacent.

6.Slow healing process
The nerves and blood vessels can be damaged because of high sugar levels, thus, harming the blood circulation.

Consequently, if you have cuts and wounds, including the small ones, it may take weeks or months for them to heal.

What’s more, slow wound healing puts you at greater risk of infection.

7.Unintended weight loss
Having diabetes means your body isn’t as effective in using glucose as energy.

Instead of functioning as normal, your body will start burning fat stores, and you may lose weight without meaning to.

Do you have those symptoms we’ve discussed?

If so, don’t ignore them and have yourself checked just to be sure.

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