Article Display Updates

In collaboration with Europe PMC, PMC has rolled out
several updates to our article display in order to enhance the transparency and readability
of the content.

Navigating from the PMC record to the PubMed record has been made easier by the addition of
hyperlinked PubMed IDs (PMIDs) in the upper right-hand corner of article records. Clicking
the PMID link will take you to the corresponding citation record in PubMed.

The PMC Disclaimer link has also been moved out of the Copyright and License information
section for easier discovery and access. This page describes what content is included in PMC
as well as other important NCBI and NLM disclaimer information.

Additionally, two changes have been implemented to improve the functionality of author
names. Users can now click on an author name to view the author’s affiliation(s). Users also
have the option of running a quick author name search in PMC by clicking the linked author
name in “Find articles by [author name]”. In the example pictured above, the search would be
for “Sawyer SL”[Author].

And finally, figures and tables have been moved inline in the article display. By moving
away from the thumbnail display, PMC hopes to make it easier for users to view figure and
table data as they read articles. Users may still click on the figure/table title or “Open
in separate window” (as available) link for a closer look.

We hope these updates improve the overall user experience in PMC and look forward to
hearing your feedback.


Screenshots from:

Qiao, Y., Yang, J., Liu, L., Zeng, Y., Ma, J., Jia, J., … Wang, Y. (2018). Successful treatment with pazopanib plus PD-1
inhibitor and RAK cells for advanced primary hepatic angiosarcoma: a case report
Cancer, 18, 212.

Stabell, A. C., Meyerson, N. R., Gullberg, R. C., Gilchrist, A. R., Webb, K. J., Old, W.
M., … Sawyer, S. L. (2018). Dengue viruses cleave
STING in humans but not in nonhuman primates, their presumed natural reservoir
. eLife,
7, e31919.

Both articles made available under a CC-BY license.


Author: admin