Discovering Associated Data in PMC

In the NLM Strategic Plan released earlier this year, we noted that “[c]reating efficient
ways to link the literature with associated datasets enables knowledge generation and
discovery.” To that end, PMC is now aggregating data citations, data availability statements
and supplementary materials, as available, in an Associated Data box. This box will only
display on articles that have one or more of these features in the article.

To limit your search to records with an Associated Data box, you can use the new
“Associated Data” facet on the search results page:

We hope that exposing this content in a consistent format and in an easy to find and easy
to access manner, you will more readily find the datasets you need to further accelerate
discovery and advance health. As part of our ongoing commitment to making data
findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable (FAIR)
, we encourage you to contact us with your feedback on these
updates and with any other suggestions you may have for improving discovery of related data
in PMC.


Author: admin