FTP service update to improve access to text mining collections

PMC has reorganized its FTP Service site for users interested
in accessing the Text Mining Collections, which include
the original Open Access (OA) Subset. New top-level FTP directories help users quickly
locate the content available for bulk download that best suits their research needs. These
directories include:

To make it easier for users to identify and comply with the different licenses that apply
to OA articles, new file lists have been created and the file lists for individual OA
articles now include a “license-type” field for each article. Similarly, the bulk packages
of OA article text have been divided into two sets. One set comprises articles that may be
used for commercial purposes (the Commercial Use Collection); the other contains
articles that can be used only for non-commercial purposes. See the Open Access Subset page for details.

To allow regular users to transition to the new arrangement, the previous arrangement of
files and directories will be maintained in parallel for at least four weeks (i.e., until
the end of August 2016).


Author: admin