How to get a chest like Arnold

The whole world probably knows who Arnold Schwarzenegger is, the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

If you’re one of those men whose dream is to have such an amazing physique like his, then this video is for you.

During his time, Arnold has the best chest, thanks to its outstanding size and condition in bodybuilding.

When it comes to developing a swoon-worthy physique, the chest is one of the primary body parts you should focus on.

Interestingly, it’s also one of the hardest muscles to build as size and symmetry are two key components.

In this video, we will be talking about the exercises that Arnold himself has vouched for back in the days.

One of these is his top favorite is the barbell bench press, and we will be going more into that later so keep watching.

1. Incline barbell bench press
One of the exercises that Arnold loved to perform to achieve that big chest of his is the incline barbell bench press.

Odds are, you’ve seen several footages of him and the rest of the Pumping Iron bodybuilders performing this exercise.

Ironically, the incline barbell bench press was overlooked by numerous bodybuilders for years but has now gained tons of popularity.

This exercise primarily targets the upper pectorals, which makes it a great workout for bigger chests.

2. Barbell bench press
If you ask us which chest exercise was most favored by Arnold, it would be the barbell bench press. Surprised? Or not.

Albeit very common, this exercise is one of the most crucial among chest workouts, particularly for building muscle strength and size.

In fact, it’s dubbed as one of the top compound chest exercises by the majority of fitness experts.

It engages the deltoids and triceps to aid the pectorals with the moment which is why it allows you to load maximal weight.

Arnold himself even had to spend countless hours mastering this particular lift.

3. Cable crossovers
Cable crossovers target the inner chest muscles.

It’s great at isolating the pectoral muscles since there’s less gravity to push against.

You will feel a huge contraction when performing this exercise.

Adding this into your routine makes a perfect practice for pectoral contraction.

Arnold utilizes cable crossovers but does not do perform them in the same workout as dumbbell flyes, which then leads us to our next exercise.

4. Dumbbell flyes
Arnold Schwarzenegger has always stressed the importance of stretching for chest development.

This explains why he would usually complete his chest workout with some dumbbell flyes.

To get the most out of this exercise, you need to keep your elbows in one position throughout the entire movement.

Dumbbell flyes are great at working the inner pectoral muscles to develop the vertical line that shows across the chest.

5. Dumbbell pullovers
He also loved working opposing muscles like training the chest and the back simultaneously.

For instance, he would perform superset dumbbell pullovers then go directly into a back exercise like lat pulldowns.

The pullovers engage mainly the lats, which are the huge wing muscles that appear across your entire back.

This kind of exercise vertically stretches your chest.

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