New Search Result Filters and Updated Reference List Display

As of August 2016, PMC is home to four million articles! To make this wealth of
full-text content easier to navigate, PMC has rolled out a few updates:

1) Search Result Filters
On all search results pages, you will now see filters
(similar to PubMed’s filters) on the left-hand side that allow you to filter your results by
article attributes, publication date, research funder, and search fields. These filters
replace the Limits page and allow you to more readily:

You can now also quickly add articles that are under a 12-month or less embargo in PMC to
your search results by selecting the “Include embargoed articles” filter option under Text
Availability. See the PMC User Guide for
more information on these filters.

2) Reference List Display
Using related article data available in PMC,
articles that cite papers that have been either retracted or named in a Findings of Research
Misconduct issued by the HHS Office of Research Integrity and not yet retracted will now
include a red hyperlink to the relevant notice directly from the article’s reference list.
This update will help users more easily identify post-publication updates to existing


Author: admin