Open Access Week 2018 and PMC

Collaboration with publishers and funders to ensure the openness and preservation of the
scientific record is one of PMC’s core principles. Open Access Week offers an opportunity to
celebrate some of the recent outcomes of these collaborations:

  • In July 2018, the PMC corpus of publicly accessible articles hit 5 million
  • In May 2018, the PMC Open Access Subset
    surpassed the 2 million article mark.
  • The Author Manuscript Collection now includes more
    than 500,000 papers for text mining.
  • The PMC and Research Funder Policy page underwent an
    update in September 2018 to increase transparency around funder support in PMC for
    publishers, authors, and the public.
  • Funder policy support in PMC has been extended to the US Department of Homeland
    Security, in addition to several new US private research funders via the Health Research

In FY2018 more than 200 new journals committed to archiving their complete contents in PMC,
to be made publicly accessible in 12 months or less.


Author: admin