PMC Year in Review

As we kick off a new year, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back on 2017, which
was a milestone year for PMC.

Last year, PMC made nearly half a million articles available for the public to access with
the support of participating journals, publisher programs, and research funders. Also, in
addition to expanding support for public access to
research results
and the linking of those
results to the underlying dataset(s)
, PMC released several other policy and resource
updates. These include:

  1. Clearer statement of scope for PMC (see also the updated
    entry in the NLM Collection Development Manual for “Journals”);
  2. Guidance for journals on reapplying to PMC;
  3. Policy statements on the scientific, editorial, and
    technical standards for PMC
    (including details on the journal reevaluation process),
    the supply of back content, the eligibility of
    non-English language journals, and the maintenance of publishing schedules;
  4. Production data requirements for PMC-participating
    journals; and
  5. Major update to the PMC Article
    , a tool that allows publishers to see or “preview” how articles will
    appear in PMC and resolve data problems prior to submission.

In September, NLM recognized the achievements to date in the Wellcome Trust and NLM Biomedical Journal
Digitization project, which has added a dozen new historical titles and more than a half
million pages to the PMC archive. The PMC archive now includes content from as far back as
the late 18th century.

Many thanks all our participants and users for a wonderful year!


Author: admin