These 5 exercises will grow your TRAPS

Some of you might have popping biceps and triceps, but big arms aren’t the real deal yet without some bulging traps muscles that aid your upper limp arsenal.

Boosting your traps’ mass and strength lets you achieve that signature bodybuilder image.

What’s more, it helps in maintaining proper posture while contributing to your heavy lifts.

This is where traps exercises, such as shrugs (which we will be delving deeper in a while) come into play.

To learn more about what exercises to add to your upper body workout routine, keep watching.

1. Barbell deadlift
When done the right way, barbell deadlifting is one of the most effective compound exercises as it’s highly demanding, completely engaging so many muscles in your body.

This exercise also requires your entire back to be involved, including your traps muscles.

While traps aren’t the primary target with barbell deadlift, the best part about this is that all parts of the trapezius muscle are worked out.

So, for a serious pump, starting your workout with deadlifts is a great idea.

2. Shrugs
Shrugs are one of the popular exercises for training the traps, and for good reason.

This kind of exercise is ideal for activating your middle and upper traps and help develop your mass, strength, and muscle endurance.

Regardless of your ability, you’d never go wrong with shrugs as they can be performed with anything from barbells and dumbbells to trap bars or cables.

Plus, they come especially handy if you’re short on equipment, or aren’t keen on waiting for the barbell.

3. Rack pulls
Rack pulls are practically the top half of a deadlift.

However, instead of picking the bar from the floor, you will be pulling from the rack at roughly knee height.

With rack pulls exercise, it focuses on the upper portion of the barbell deadlift movement.
In other words, rack pulls demand more from your upper body, back, and traps muscles.

Hence, if you want to be more specific and target just your traps, performing rack pulls instead of full, conventional deadlift is the best route.

4. Face pulls
Face pulls are effective upper body exercises, yet are often overlooked when training for traps muscles.

Truth is, these are a wonderful exercise when developing muscle, improving posture, and promoting good overall shoulder health.

Although face pulls are often seen as a shoulder exercise, they also engage the traps muscles.

The key here is to do it at a controlled pace and make sure that muscles are loaded to prevent shoulder joint problems.

5. Upright rows
Are you perhaps neglecting upright rows?

You shouldn’t because they’re a great exercise for your traps.

For one, they help improve strength and mass in your traps.

Second, they challenge your anterior and rear deltoids.

But there’s one thing you should keep in mind, and that is the need to perform it correctly.

Otherwise, you may experience shoulder pain and have shoulder impingement.

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