Updated PMC journal review process and minimum requirements

The PMC Overview and FAQ have been updated to
provide more information on the Scientific Quality Review Process for journals that apply to
participate in PMC.

In 2014, PMC implemented a scientific and editorial quality review procedure whereby expert
consultants from outside the National Library of Medicine (NLM) conduct an independent
review of journals seeking to participate in PMC. This was in response to a significant
increase in new publishers and journals applying to participate in PMC, many of which are
unknown to NLM in terms of quality and publishing practices. The independent review, which
was approved by the PMC National Advisory Committee (see minutes from June
10, 2014), follows an assessment by NLM that the journal meets NLM’s criteria for its
collection, as outlined in the Collection Development

PMC also recently updated the minimum requirement on the number of substantive,
peer-reviewed articles needed before a journal can apply to PMC. The new 25-article minimum ensures that the reviewers have a
sufficient amount of content on which to base their recommendation for inclusion in PMC. The
new minimum article requirement takes effect on January 1, 2016. Publishers are encouraged
to use the 25-article minimum as a guideline in the interim when submitting


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